In our post about ROI, we talked about what makes for a good financial return in eLearning; one of the key factors in deciding if eLearning is right for your

The ADDIE model is a commonly used instructional design framework for eLearning development. This model has been around for a while and is an effective way to ensure a smooth

Due to recent external challenges, many organizations have been hastily forced into eLearning. Virtual teleconferencing software like Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams have been lifesavers as organizations struggle to

Here is how to put together a winning eLearning team There are many facets to creating effective and engaging eLearning and it is essential to pay attention to every component.

6 formats and 2 design considerations for highly effective eLearning There is no one size fits all in eLearning. The learning goal, objectives, target audience, technology tolerance, and available budget

When deciding to develop and implement a new eLearning course, stakeholders want to know what they are getting out of their investment. Though not all the impact of eLearning can

Organization leaders want the best for their companies and their people, and getting it right when it comes to training and development is essential. So here is our case for