About Avise Learning

Avise Learning provides expertise in digital learning adoption, strategy and course development
to forward thinking organizations. No matter where you are in your digital learning journey, Avise
Learning will work with you to determine how eLearning can best complement and enhance
your organization.

Our robust knowledge of adult learning theory and instructional design methodology, combined
with our creative and interactive approach to eLearning development allows us to design and
develop effective and innovative digital learning experiences for our clients.

Our Differential

Finding the right eLearning development company in Canada can be a challenge. Some are very technical but lack a strong background in instructional design and adult learning theory. Others may be great educators but have less experience designing learning and training offerings for online delivery.

At Avise Learning, we recognize that for eLearning to be successful, there must be a cohesive and complementary relationship between technology and education.

That’s why every project we take on utilizes our decades of collective experience in both arenas.

Our Approach

By working with Avise Learning, you gain a partner that is invested in your eLearning project from start to finish.

We develop innovative eLearning solutions by utilizing a results-oriented process that is easy to navigate.

We are never afraid to push the envelope. With expert instructional designers and eLearning developers that are second to none, we recommend, develop and deliver innovative eLearing solutions that wow you, your learners and your organization, every time.
Expert Recommendations
We work with you to assess your organizational needs and set you up for success from the start. We ask the right questions to inform practical recommendations on digital learning adoption, strategy, development and implementation. We apply our expertise to help guide your organization towards educated and informed decisions.
Expert Execution
We work collaboratively with your organization to create and develop innovative eLearning solutions that come to life in the hands of our development team. To ensure the quality of the process, we schedule customer checkpoints for feedback and input.
We are always ready to share the knowledge we’ve acquired from years of designing and developing eLearning solutions. We are available to answer your questions as we guide the process forward.

Our Process

Our streamlined process is designed to guide clients through each stage of development. From the initial analysis to final implementation, and everything in between, our client-friendly development process delivers effective eLeaning solutions, every time.

We’ll start with conversations about your learning goals, learners, and objectives. Don’t know those yet? We can help there too. Our initial analysis will help us understand your learning needs, which will inform our design choices, ie. how the learning solution will be presented, what elements, both instructional and visual, need to be incorporated, and how those elements will work together. It’s this intel. that let’s our developers shine, and enables them to design and develop innovative and meaningful learning experiences for you, your organization, and your learners.

At Avise Learning, we know the power of collaboration. That’s why we always schedule checkpoints at each phase of the development process to gather your input and feedback. After all, collaboration makes perfect.

Start a conversation today and find out how we can help your digital learning journey.